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All CERTIFIED members are eligible for a one time needs based dues and/or CEU waiver.

All requests must be received by February 1st of the current dues year to be considered. If you do not qualify for a dues waiver, we also offer payment plans to help ease the dues burden.

If you have any questions, please contact Moayad Zahralddin at

AAHAM Waiver Request Form
  • What type of waiver do you need?
  • Member Name
  • Member ID
  • Certifications Held:
  • Phone Number
  • Member Email Address
  • National Member Since
  • Chapter Name
  • Did you attend any local or national meetings/webinars for the previous year?
  • Does your employer pay for you to attend local or national meetings and webinars?
  • List your current number of CEUs
  • Does your employer pay for your dues?
  • Description of Reason for Waiver Request: Be specific in outlining hardship so that your request can be evaluated fairly and timely.