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Friday, November 6, 2020

Patient Financial Advocate Seal

To show that your organization abides by the Patient Financial Advocate Pledge, and to apply for your Seal, please email Task Force Chair Kenny Koerner at stating that your organization abides by the Pledge and that you are applying for the Seal. Upon review of your acknowledgement that your organization operates within the standards of the Pledge, AAHAM will email you the Patient Financial Advocate Seal that you can proudly display as you choose.

Join these Task Force Business Partners that have already agreed to the Pledge:
• Shawn Gretz, President, Americollect, Manitowoc, WI
• Kristina Gursky, CRCP, Director, IC System, St. Paul, MN
• Deborah Kelly, CEO, MyCare Finance, Inc., Tampa Bay, FL
• Timothy Moore, CRCP, CEO, Marcam Associates, Rochester, NH
• Chris Morgan, President, R3 Dynamics, St. Charles, MO
• Richard Rogers, CRCE, Vice President, AR-Solutions, Scottsbluff, NE

As our Task Force efforts move forward, we will continue our communications with congressional leadership and consumer patient advocacy groups to convey the countless benefits that our AAHAM member organizations provide to our patients by sharing this Pledge with them. AAHAM and the Task Force are committed to advocate on our members’ behalf to share all of the great work that we are doing to educate and assist our patients in navigating all facets of healthcare finance. We will also continue to combat all legislation that is introduced that prohibits our member hospitals and business partners from this mission. As you know, we are stronger together in numbers and our voice is being heard!

Kenny Koerner
AAHAM 2nd Vice-President
AAHAM Patient Financial Advocate Task Force Chair 

Author: Anonym
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