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Friday, November 6, 2020

Patient Financial Advocate Pledge

AAHAM recently announced the formation of a National Patient Financial Advocate Task Force. Since that time, one of our top priorities has been the creation of a Patient Financial Advocate Pledge. This Pledge embodies the standards and principles that we feel our AAHAM early out and third party collection agency members personify when contacting patients regarding out-of-pocket healthcare costs. The Pledge epitomizes our N.I.C.E. promise for the patient experience. Below is a list of Task Force member business partners that have already signed on to this Pledge, and now proudly display this Pledge in their place of business as an affirmation as to how they communicate with each individual healthcare patient. They each now also utilize the AAHAM Patient Financial Advocate Seal on outgoing communications to indicate their commitment to these standards. AAHAM is asking each of our member business partners that collect healthcare debt in one fashion or another, to commit to the Patient Financial Advocate Pledge and to the N.I.C.E. promise during each patient experience.

This is our opportunity to show our patients that we care and are there to support them. AAHAM urges all of our partners to join with us in this effort by supporting the Pledge and applying for the Seal. This Pledge and Seal are an opportunity for all of us to show our real value to our patients. It’s an opportunity for us to stand together with a unified voice and let the public know we do care and want to assist our patients with understanding their healthcare billing. This Pledge and Seal will set you apart from others in the industry who choose not to support this mission and its goals. This Pledge can and should be displayed in your business. When clients are looking around at firms to do business with, will they choose someone supporting an industry standard or someone who doesn’t? This Pledge and Seal in addition to being a calling card to a patient that you are there to support them, it’s your calling card for new opportunities.

To show that your organization abides by the Patient Financial Advocate Pledge, and to apply for your Seal, please email Task Force Chair Kenny Koerner at stating that your organization abides by the Pledge and that you are applying for the Seal. Upon review of your acknowledgement that your organization operates within the standards of the Pledge, AAHAM will email you the Patient Financial Advocate Seal that you can proudly display as you choose.

Kenny Koerner
AAHAM 2nd Vice-President
AAHAM Patient Financial Advocate Task Force Chair 

Author: Anonym
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