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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Conversation Starters

Need some conversation starters for your happy hours or meetings? Here are few provocative questions that can generate some good conversations: 

1.   What is one thing life is teaching you right now?

2.   How did you learn your most important lesson in life?

3.   What is an idea that you strongly believe in?

4.   What are your hopes for what the future holds for you?

5.   What is one crucial ingredient for true happiness?

6.   What things hold you back from doing what you really want to do?

7.   What is your greatest struggle right now?

8.   If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

9.   What is an issue that you think not enough people are talking about?

10.   What is one thing you want to accomplish in your life?

11.   What is one personality trait you admire in others?

12.   What is one personality trait of yours you’d prefer not to have?   

13.   When have you learned something from a failure?

14. What was the moment like when you decided on your career path?

15. What would you do differently if nobody would judge you?

Please stay well!   


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