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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November 15 is America Recycles Day

Tips to Practice Recycling

On November 15, when the country celebrates America Recycles Day, it’s a good time to remember to try to do your part in helping the environment.  Started by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997, America Recycles Day is now part of “Keep America Beautiful” and each year gets more and more support. 

There are so many easy ways to practice recycling and here are few tips:

·       Repurpose household goods and clothes by donating them to thrift stores and charities. From unwanted furniture, children’s clothing and toys, books, and household items, your cast offs can make others happy.  Our local library welcomes books that they sell or donate.  Magazines can be dropped off at a senior center or hospital that others will enjoy.  

·       Switch to refillable hard plastic water bottles rather than use Styrofoam cups. 

·       Many coffee shops such as Starbucks are switching to paper straws but try to remember to not request straws where they still are using plastic straws.

·       Because so many of us are using the internet for shopping, the use of cartons and boxes has grown.  Reuse them or recycling them. 

·       Avoid plastic bags by bringing your own.  I keep totes of different sizes in my car for groceries and other things and work hard at thinking ahead and bringing a tote. Dry cleaners bags, newspaper bags and other excess plastic bags can be taken to recycling bins at your grocery, Walmart and other stores.        

·       Talk to your kids about recycling.  Be a good role model and share tips with them.  Beyond the typical paper, plastic, and aluminum, how can they recycle their clothes, toys, or electronics? How can they use recycled items into art projects or gifts?

·       Keep a refrigerator list of what can and can’t be recycled.  It’s a good reminder for the family.  Different towns may vary on what is recycled. 

·       Try to buy recycled when you can.  When you purchase items that are made from recycled materials, you help eliminate the need for virgin materials. I enjoy making crafts from recycled glassware and a friend recycles vintage jewelry and fashions new interesting pieces from old watches and pins. 

·       Charities may take old cell phones and laptop computers.  Google searches can surface these in your area. 

·       Crafters at senior living communities welcome yarn, corks, old jewelry, greeting cards, Christmas paper and ornaments and more.  Communities have a wealth of talent just waiting to repurpose what is now stored in your home or what you may throw away.  They will be so grateful. 

It takes everyone believing that living green is vital to our future.  There are so many little ways to help and recycling.  Check out for some additional ideas. 

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