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Friday, February 9, 2018

Certification 2018 - what a wonderful direction to see

2018 is going to be an exciting year for the Certification team.  Keep reading to see all of the wonderful things we will be working on for our certification program.

Below is a breakdown of the National Certification Chairs and their committee members for 2018:

Executive Certification:

Kristina Donahue. CRCE - I; CRCS-I – Chair

Committee Members:     Steven Honeywell, CRCE – I & P; Philadelphia Chapter

                                        Brenda Fraas, CRCE - I ; Pennsylvania Three Rivers Chapter

                                        Emily Goertz, CRCE – I; Texas Bluebonnet Chapter         

Professional Certification:

Brenda Chambers, CRCE – I & P; CRIP - Chair

Committee Members:    Maya Mohan, CRCE – I; Chennai Chapter

                                       Marcy Marquis, CRCP – P; Wisconsin Chapter

                                       Theresa Johnson, CRCE – I; Carolina Chapter                        

Specialist Certification:

Heather Bode, CRCS – I, Chair

Committee Members:    Colleen Wentz, CRCS – I; CRCP – P, CRIP; CCT; -   Washington Inland Empire               

                                       Sandra Peffer, CRCS – I;  Ohio Western Reserve Chapter

                                       Rebecca Gough, CRCE – I; Iowa Hawkeye Chapter

Our Certification Reporting Officer is AAHAM Vice President, Lori Sickelbaugh from the AAHAM Carolina Chapter

The 2018 Goals

Per John Currier, the National AAHAM president, he wants to see the certification numbers increase each year.  He rolled out what is called Phase 3 of “Raise the Level.”  This is the goal the certification team will accomplish (noticed that we said will?) for 2018.

            CRCE to be increased by 20%

            CRCP to be increased by 20%

            CRIP to be increased by 40%

            CRCS to be increased by 30%

            CCT to be increased by 15%

New Manuals: 

One of our biggest goals for 2018 is that the Certification team will be working collaboratively to update the certification manuals that will be published in 2019. We realized that the manuals do not always allow for a step laddering process as the certification levels increase.  Therefore, we are working together on the new revisions to allow a better career step laddering process. 

Of course, once the manuals are updated and approved by the National Board, our next step to prepare for the 2019 year will be creating questions based on the new material that will be in the new revised manuals. 


We are looking forward to having another successful year in providing our certification webinars.  Just like last year, all AAHAM certification webinars will be free to attend and CEU’s will be awarded for any member needing CEU’s to maintain their certification status.  The dates for those webinars will be available to you soon via the National website, the AAHAM Journal, Members emails and eNewswatch.


Our certification blogs will be published monthly in 2018. Each chair and committee member has signed up to do a monthly certification blog.  Is there something specific you would like to read about or know pertaining to certification?  If so, let the Certification Chairs or the National Office know and we will try to address it in an upcoming blog.   

Quarterly Certification Calls:

In addition to all that we have planned for this year, all certification chairs will be holding a quarterly certification call with all chapter presidents and their certification chairs.  This will be a great way for everyone to work together to exchange ideas and think of creative ways to promote certification within each chapter.

We look forward to the exciting things that certification will bring to you this year.  As always, we will strive to bring you the best in certification.  Should you have any questions about certification, don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to assist you.

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