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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Certified and Promotable

This month's blog was written by Theresa Johnson from the Carolina AAHAM Chapter.  Theresa is a CRCE - I, serves on the National Professional Certification Committee and is the President of the Carolina Chapter.


After several probing questions, I was puzzled as to why a person that has never worked in healthcare, currently retired, would want to take the AAHAM Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist (CRCS) exam.  So while I loaded the exam, I decided to just ask.  The response. “I’ve never worked in the healthcare revenue world and was interested in the best way to get a background and understanding of what it is like.” After referencing the organizations website (, I decided to start with the CRCS and work my way up.  (CRCS Examinee Response) I thought this was interesting; because, shoes on the other foot, I’d be looking for a hobby that definitely doesn’t involve working. smiley

There are many reasons why people love our certification exams:

  • Success Ladder- a building block from Specialist to Executive
  • Training-companies see the value in overall revenue cycle training
  • Expertise in ALL areas of the revenue cycle
  • Professional Development

As a new employee to healthcare from the provider side, Glen Blount asked me “What’s the best way to learn the business?  As a member of AAHAM and AAHAM Carolina Chapter ( for many years, I encouraged Glen to look at our certification programs as a means to understanding the entire revenue cycle from beginning to the end.  AAHAM was introduced to me for that very purpose to get a better understanding of the revenue cycle and to improve overall job performance.  I too climbed the ladder of success from Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist to Certified Revenue Cycle Executive.  Obtaining those certifications lead to improved job performance and a leadership position within my organization and the Carolina Chapter.  Once you are certified, get involved and encourage others to become a part of this unique family of certified workers.  More and more employers are looking for certified revenue specialist.  With this certification, they know that employee is knowledgeable and skilled.  So ask the question “Why”?  And if you are looking to grow in of the above areas reach out to your local AAHAM certification chair for additional questions.  BE CERTIFIED AND PROMOTABLE.

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