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Tuesday, July 31, 2018



You passed your certification exam with flying colors!!!  Great!!!  You memorized all the pertinent material.

Now ~~~ it’s 6 months later.  You’re working, and an unusual scenario arises, and that little light bulb goes off in your head “I remember reading about this in my Certification Study Guide”. 

Isn’t it good to know, you still have that Certification Study Guide available to have as a work reference?

The above is only one scenario as to how your Study Guide is an intricate part of your resource library. You should never consider it – “One and Done, I passed the test, and will never need this again”.  

Today’ work environment is ever changing, your roles and duties most likely will be changing as well.  If you are a CRCS -I, today you may currently only be billing Institutional claims, but your organization may acquire a physician’s group tomorrow, and you would be required to bill Professional claims as well.  There is so much valuable information in the CRCS Study Guide as it relates to Professional Billing, most important being – a breakdown of the 1500 form.  And all that is at your fingertips.

I’ll tell you a little secret -  I actually keep my study guide in my overhead in my cubicle, and I can tell you – I refer to it at least once a month, if not more, especially regarding credit and collections, as that is not my area of expertise.

And – an extra bonus tip – The AAHAM Website provides yearly updates.  The manual is reviewed by the Certification Committee Yearly, and updated to reflect changes within that specialty.  These are published on the website, and you can download the updates and keep your study guide current.  Won’t your colleagues be impressed?  You will be the “Go to” person in your office, as everyone will know you are keeping up to date with all the changes in your specialty.
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