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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Certification Stress - Don't Let it Overwhelm You

This email blog was written by Brenda Fraas.  Brenda is the President of the AAHAM Pennsylvania Three Rivers Chapter.   She is a CRCE - I and works as a Manager at CVS Health.  She currently serves on the National AAHAM Board as a committee member of the AAHAM Executive Certification team.


Stress is inevitable when studying for an exam, but don’t let it overwhelm you!   I was the moderator for this year’s CRCE Billing webinar and some feel Billing is the hardest section because of all the very important information you need to know.  Studying for the exam is a must and you may want to give some extra study time to this section to make sure you understand the different types of payers, know what COB and standard transactions are, but as you are studying, try speaking out loud instead of just reading.  Or, you can do what I did and type up your notes & retype them to make sure you understood what you are reviewing.   Or you can write information down on index cards and use them like flashcards and study them while you are on your breaks at work.  We also recommend studying with others taking the same exam and if possible, study with someone who has worked in the Billing department and can provide scenarios they have experienced.   


Before the exam, take a little walk around the block, stop at the restroom before entering the testing room, get a drink of water, take a deep breath and  REMEMBER, YOU GOT THIS!!!!   

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