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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

AAHAM Certification’s Summer of Certification

Career Laddering through the AAHAM Certifications to reach next level in your career or just for your personal growth is something to be proud of.   Often, we find that members are interested in taking an exam but are reluctant to invest in the study materials or exam fees simply because they are not sure what to expect at the next certification level.    All three of the Certification Committees share in the belief that through education and certification we are empowering our members with the tools they need to succeed throughout their revenue cycle careers.    We take your certification seriously and welcome you to join us this summer for our 2nd Annual Summer of Certification Series, free of charge!    This is a great opportunity to ‘test drive’ the material for each exam without the commitment of sitting for it.  If you currently are considering taking any of our Certifications, we urge you to consider sitting in on the part of the series.    The teams go over topics, examples of questions, and helpful hints throughout the webinar to help members prepare for whatever career step they are climbing.  We hope to see each of you this summer as you dust off your climbing boots and make the decision to climb that career ladder by earning a new AAHAM Certification.
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