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Friday, March 2, 2018

A peek into Chennai Chapter’s certification training process

March 2018 Certification Blog
A peek into Chennai Chapter’s certification training process:

Members who take up certification exam, fall under two categories. The first category of members is self-motivated, passionate about their careers and have a thirst for acquiring knowledge. The second category of members get initiated into the process due to the promotional policies of their employers who mandate certification. However, after the initial overview session, each one of them understand and appreciate the value of certification and its lasting impact on their careers.
Our chapter certification committee have perfected the art of training for certification which results in a healthy pass percentage!

Step 1: Members’ list is finalized for the upcoming exam.

Step 2: All prospective examinees are notified to attend an overview session either in person or through a conference call at a mutually agreed time and venue.

Step 3: Chapter certification committee member will initiate the session and walk the participants through the details of the exams, benefits on clearing the exam, quick review of topics and their relevance to the day to day functioning of their work.

Step 4: Schedule of sessions/mock exams by section are shared. Adjustments to schedules are made based on the number of attendees and their geographical location. For companies that need special training sessions, exclusively for their employees, separate schedule is prepared, shared and agreed. Care is taken to avoid any conflict with National AAHAM conducted webinars.

Step 5: All sessions are completed as per schedule and mock exam is conducted.

Step 6: Answers are discussed with the members and doubts clarified.

Step 7: Additional session / coaching organized for members who lag.

And then get ready for the D-Day!
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