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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Acknowledging Certified Members

This blog was written by Bill Major, CRCE-I from the AAHAM Keystone Chapter.  Bill is also a CRCP Committee Member.


Passing your AAHAM certification is not an easy process and definitely deserves accolades.  The Keystone chapter has always been proud of our certified members and takes every opportunity to acknowledge this accomplishment.   One of the simplest ways we show pride in certification is by issuing certification ribbons that are attached to members’ IDs at every education meeting.  Of course, like all great ideas we borrowed this from someone else. If you have ever been to the national ANI, certified members are recognized by the multi-colored ribbons that are proudly attached to their IDs.

In addition to ribbons, annually at our December meeting we issue a reimbursement check to all newly certified members who passed their professional certification test that year. Originally this honor was for just our new CRCE members but we have since expanded it to now include first-timer CRCPs.  While we are extremely proud of our newly-minted certified members, we also like to acknowledge our seasoned professionals.  At every holiday meeting, all CRCEs and CRCPs are bought up to the front of the room and presented with a small holiday gift. 

The certification exams are not  easy to pass so acknowledging that accomplishment publicly is a great way to let your certified members know how proud the chapter is of their accomplishment.  

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