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Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Do I Earn My CEU's to Maintain My Certification Status

This blog was written by Marcy Marquis, CRCP -P.  Marcy is the President of the AAHAM Wisconsin Chapter and currently services on the Professional AAHAM Committee for National AAHAM organization.


Congratulations you passed your AAHAM Certification Exam.  Now what?  How do you earn CEU’s.  The last thing you want to do is retake the exam.

AAAHAM understands everyone has a busy schedule and can’t attend their local Chapter’s conference(s) or National events.  There are several things you can do from your office to earn CEU’s.  

Below is a list of how you can earn your CEU’s.  A CEU is defined as a sixty (60) minute period of education.

2.0 units for each hour in attendance at an AAHAM-Sponsored educational program, sponsored either by the National Organization or by a local Chapter

1.0 unit for each hour in attendance at an educational program or class related to the healthcare field

3.0 units for authoring an article published in a National AAHAM publication

3.0 units for presentations made that relate to AAHAM, patient accounting or healthcare administrative management. (AAHAM-related credit given if made at an AAHAM

sponsored event, or if presenter is representing AAHAM)

2.0 units for authoring an article published in an AAHAM Chapter publication

2.0 units for each hour coaching an organized AAHAM Certification study or review session

1.0 units for each hour proctoring a AAHAM Certification exam

1.0 units for each CRCE exam section graded (by the deadline)

2.0 units for attending a National President's Meeting

6.0 units for Officers of National AAHAM

4.0 units for serving as a National Committee Chairperson

3.0 units for serving as a Chapter Officer

2.0 units for serving as a Chapter Director or Chapter Committee Chairperson

8.0 units for attendance at AAHAM Legislative Day

After you have completed one of the above task you simply go on the AAHAM website, complete the form and upload your supporting documentation.  

I love that AAHAM offers so many options to earn CEU’s.  The learning always continues with AAHAM.

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