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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

CCT Certification, What's it all about?

This Certification Blog was written by Doris Dickey, CRCE from the Illinois Chapter of AAHAM.  Doris currently serves on the Illinois Board and is the national AAHAM Certification Chari for the CRCS and CCT.


While the CCT credentials may not necessarily be a stepping stone layered within the other levels of AAHAM’s certification, it is an important part of our testing opportunities.  The CCT exam has been around for 13 years.  This exam tests compliance proficiency and provides a resource for healthcare managers to ensure staffing competence.  The exam delves into regulatory agencies and issues related to healthcare billing.

The CCT exam includes 80 multiple choice questions and like the other AAHAM exams, the applicant must achieve a 70% in order to successfully pass.  The exam certification is good for three years.  Re-certification is achieved by either re-testing or joining AAHAM as a member and submitting 20 hours continued education units (CEUs).

Be prepared: This exam will require a substantial amount of memory work specifically, of the various regulating entities and the laws that govern them.  A prepared applicant would need to completely understand the following concepts and the regulations that support them:

  • Role of the OIG
  • Fraud vs abuse
  •  Anti-Kickback Statue
  •  False Claim Act
  •  Stark Law
  • Operation Restore Trust
  •  PPACA
  •  TCPA
  •  HIPAA
  •  Collection regulations
  • CLIA
  •  EMTLA
  • CERT Programs
  • RAC Audits
  • MSP guidelines
  • ZPIC audits
  • MIC  audits

There are currently 101 Certified Compliance Technicians.  Can you make it 102?

Respectively submitted,

Doris Dickey, CRCE

CCT/CRCS Committee Chair

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