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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

An Executive Challenge

This blog was written by Alexander Small, CRCP-P and Steven F. Honeywell, CRCE-P, President of the Philadelphia AAHAM Chapter.


As members of the healthcare industry, we find ourselves quite frequently combatting professional challenges regarding legislation, patient disparities, technological trends and insurance negotiations. Yet, less frequently do we have the chance to challenge ourselves on a more personal level. This is where the CRCE exam comes into play. This exam can be described as exciting, extensive and intimidating, which is exactly why it can be considered a challenge. Unique to the CRCE exam format, the writing portion allows you to apply your previous experience to craft your answer. This is an opportunity to recall previous experiences and build off them to apply them to the current state of the revenue cycle. To understand the executive and special nature of this challenge, speak to someone who has previously taken the CRCE (or feel free to contact me). You will notice a certain dedication and sense of accomplishment that prospective candidates and those who gained the certification feel towards the exam. Take the executive challenge for an executive result!

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