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AAHAM Government Relations Quarterly Town Hall Discussions
The AAHAM Government Relations Committee will be holding quarterly calls with Chapter Presidents, Chapter Government Relations Chairs and Members who are interested in becoming active in AAHAM’s legislative healthcare reform initiatives. What happens in Washington usually starts back home in your states. These calls will generate discussions on what is happening in Washington and will enable intel to be shared on what is happening across the country at the state level. These sessions will be focused on healthcare issues that are taking place. These calls will also serve as an opportunity to use this information as a grassroots blueprint to utilize in your own chapter.

The next call is tentatively scheduled for scheduled for Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 4:30 PM EST.  The meeting information will be sent the week before the session.

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Legislative Currents November 1, 2021

In The News
• Fake Vaccine Cards Pose Enforcement Challenge as Mandates Rise
• Covid Vaccines Protect Better Than Earlier Infection, CDC Says
• U.S. Spies Say Covid-19 Origins Unclear Without China’s Help
• Pfizer Shot Cleared for Kids 5 to 11 in Pandemic Milestone

• Biden Vaccine Rule Will Let Employers Make Workers Pay for Tests
• Fault Lines Emerge Among Democrats on Drug Price Negotiations
• Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Gambit Shifts Focus to Party Divides
• Pelosi Leading Talks to Add Drug Price Cuts in Biden Plan
• Dialysis Centers to Get $220 Million Medicare Payment Bump
• Biden’s Spokeswoman Diagnosed With Covid After Skipping Trip

• HCA Healthcare Beats Payment Coordinator’s Retaliation Suit
• Ten GOP-Led States Sue Biden Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

Around The States
• Colorado: Lets Hospitals Turn Away Patients as Covid Surges Anew
• Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Recruits Black Doctors to Boost Covid Vaccine Rate
• Texas: Doctors Sue Agencies Over ‘No Surprises Act’ Regulation

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