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Thursday, April 1, 2021

AAHAM Digital Study Guides

This new format has been highly requested, and we are excited to make this format available along with the enhanced features that it provides. The digital study guides will have the same content of the traditional hard-copy books, with additional flexibility that the digital format offers. Whether you prefer to view the study guide on a tablet, phone, or web browser, we have you covered with this new interactive option. Here are some of the digital study guide features at-a-glance:

• Flexibility to access and explore content on any device, from anywhere – even when offline.
• Content is delivered via the free Mimeo Digital app, which is available in all app stores, as well as any web browser.
• Interactive, user-friendly format enables features like taking notes, adding bookmarks and more, all synced across your devices and stored in the cloud.
• The integrity of content is upheld in the digital format, with advanced security features that prevent authorized sharing or printing of the materials.

If you still prefer the traditional hard-copy books, there’s no need to worry, they will also be available to purchase instead of the new digital option.

Providing more flexibility with AAHAM’s certification training and testing has been a core focus of our certification committee’s work over the past year. The future is bright with AAHAM certification, as we look forward to continuing to provide our industry-leading certifications and education in ways that can fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

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