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Events  >  Speaker
Speaker RFP Submission Form
  • Proposals must be submitted between November 1 - January 31 to be considered for the ANI. Any proposals received after January 31st will be considered for the following year’s ANI or webinars.
  • We appreciate that speakers who present a webinar agree to waive compensation.
  • Please check all that apply:
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  • *If you have more than one speaker, please include their contact information and biography, etc. separately.
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  • Please provide a clear description of your session. The selection committee is looking for a description that accurately defines the content of your program. The program title should also directly reflect the program’s content. Please make sure the title of your session matches its description and vice versa.
  • What are the top five educational outcomes participants will learn from your session?
  • Please provide a brief biography of each speaker
  • *

  • Which track (for ANI speakers) does your presentation apply to?

  • *
  • *
  • Where and when have you previously presented this session?
  • *

  • Please provide at least two (2) speaking references: Name of Organization, Contact Person, Email, & Phone
  • Please submit your outline or entire presentation in Word or PowerPoint format (for Ani speakers) with this application.