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Published: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 by John Currier

Inspiration comes in unlikely places.  For some, nature is a source of ideation.  For others, family and friends can give a twist of insight that you never thought through, for something unrelated to your actual discussion.  For me, I constantly find nuggets of wisdom in music, sometimes in lyrics, sometimes in a pattern, and sometimes just in the way an artist or band goes about their day.  Maybe it is just that I am in the car so often and listen to a lot of music.  Today’s message [with credit to Josh Linkner] comes from one of the greatest bands of all time:  The Beatles.  They are one of the most revered bands to ever play music, and they forever changed the landscape of rock and roll.  Not too shabby for four guys from Liverpool.  Therefore, what can we learn from them about business and associations like ours?


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