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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Legislative Currents - Jan 31, 2018

In The News
  • Senate Confirms Azar as Trump's Health Secretary
  • Little Impact on Health Programs From Short Government Shutdown
Inside CMS
  •    Medicare's New Payment Model May Sow Confusion
  •    Trump Medicaid Policy on Women's Health Providers Spurs Concerns
  •    Medicaid Plans, Advocates Look to Next Wave of Work Requirements
  •    Spending Bill Left Out Many Health Programs
  •    Senate Democrats Agree to End Shutdown, Fund Children's Health
  •    Funding Boost for Opioid Programs Awaits Budget Deal
  •    Veterans Affairs to Collaborate With HHS on Anti-Fraud Measures
  •    Trump Administration Challenged in Court on Medicaid Overhaul
 Around the States
  •    Oregon: Special Election Supports Taxes on Health Industry
  •    Wisconsin: State Seeks $200M Reinsurance Plan for Obamacare Policies


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