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As the premier professional organization in healthcare administrative management, AAHAM is constantly striving to keep its members abreast of important issues on the state and federal levels.  

Here at AAHAM, we strive to do more than just follow the issues and keep our membership updated. Members of AAHAM's Executive board are working hard to define who AAHAM is and where we stand on many important issues.
AAHAM Publications

Legislative Currents
The Currents help keep the membership up-to-date on the happenings or regulator issues, legislation, fraud and abuse issues, and much more.   The Currents are published and emailed twice a month and archived on the member list serve in the member’s only section of the AAHAM website.

Our eNewswatch features relevant, timely industry articles collected from the headlines.  The eNewswatch will become your go-to resource for staying current on industry news that affects you the most.   It’s published and emailed to every Wednesday and archived here.

Healthcare Weekly
This newsletter is focused on what’s going on in Washington in regards to healthcare and also give you a heads up on future hearings that will be taking place as well as any media events.  It’s published every Monday, exclusively on the AAHAM Facebook page.