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The Gift of Time

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Here we are in a month named after the Roman god Janus, an appropriate personification of the start of a new year. This particular Roman god had two faces, so that he could look ahead toward the future and back at the past at the same time. As we get rid of an old year and look forward to a new one, we all try to be a little like Janus. We know through experience what we did wrong and what we did right, and hope to do better this year. Some people make ambitious new year’s resolutions; others just take a deep breath and hope for the best. 

Though thinking on the subject of time may prove discomforting, it is not a bad idea, especially at the beginning of the year. As we look into 2017 we look at a block of time. We see 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds. And all of this is a gift from God. We have done nothing to deserve it, earn it, or purchase it. Like the air we breathe, time comes to us as a part of life.

The gift of time is not ours alone. It is given equally to each person. Rich and poor, educated and ignorant, strong and weak, every man, woman and child has the same 24 hours every day.

Another important thing about time is that you cannot stop it. There is no way to slow it down, turn it off, or adjust it. Time does march on. And you cannot bring back time. Once it is gone, it is gone. Yesterday is lost forever. If yesterday is lost, tomorrow is uncertain. We may look ahead at a full year’s block of time, but we really have no guarantee that we will experience any of it.

Obviously, time is one of our most precious possessions. We can waste it. We can worry over it. We can spend it on ourselves. The new year is full of time.

As you look back on the past year and all that has taken place in your life, remember each experience. Reflect on the good that has come of it and for the knowledge you have gained. Remember the efforts you have made and the goals you have reached. Remember the love you have shared and the happiness you have brought. Remember the laughter, the joy, the hard work, and the tears.

My AAHAM resolution for this year is to continue with our mission and vision of “Raise the Level”, Part Two. Watch for new things beginning to happen. Things like a nationwide membership marketing campaign, a governmental state monitoring program, involvement with universities and colleges across the nation, involvement with other healthcare organizations, leadership development training and assistance, and some changes to the ANI format, just to name a few. Your Executive Team will be working very hard to make these thing happen in a short period of time.

Yours in AAHAM,



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