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Raise the Level

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I remember my first several ANI’s, watching the leadership of the organization orchestrate the event. I remember watching as the President addressed the members during the opening business meeting. I remember saying to myself “How cool would it be to be the President of this premier organization?” Well my friends, it is VERY cool!

Returning home from my first meeting as your National President, I feel so much joy and enthusiasm for our organization and for the direction we continue to follow. To quote Ronald Reagan, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest thing. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” This is how I plan to lead.

My first address to the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and Chapter Presidents was to introduce my mission and vision for the next two years. I challenged everyone to RAISE THE LEVEL. To raise the level in all areas; certification, membership, chapter excellent, etc.  We hold the most prestige certification programs available to Revenue Cycle Professionals. Our goal then is to RAISE THE LEVEL, in reaching those professionals and get them certified to demonstrate to their leaders that level of excellence.

It’s all about the members! Those that have heard me speak know that I emphasize this always. So, I hope to RAISE THE LEVEL in all our programs to assist Chapters in reaching new milestones in membership, educational programs, Chapter Excellence, Chapter Operation scores, etc. Our educational programs will focus on the topics we deal with every day. The education committee has already begun work on the ANI education as well as scheduling several webinars to assist our members that may not be able to attend Chapter meetings. We are looking to RAISE THE LEVEL with involvement with WEDI. We will be represented at meetings and be a strong voice in decision making that touches all of us in our work life. I want to RAISE THE LEVEL in getting our members to utilize all the benefits of membership, including our scholarship programs.

RAISE THE LEVEL. My hope, my mission, my vision for AAHAM. Thank you so much for your continued support and for the faith you have put in me to lead. And thank you to those Presidents before me that have set the standard of excellence. I look forward to speaking personally to all of you sometime within the next two years.

Yours in AAHAM,



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