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New Dog Teaches About Life

posted on
I am a firm believer in adopting rescue dogs and for those who know me; know my house has always been a dog haven or heaven.Recently I adopted a new dog to add to our pack and I think there are some valuable life lessons that I wanted to share.You know it is right when it’s right. I’ve been looking for a new dog for several years. I’ve been to visit the rescue groups, the humane society, and even considered buying a puppy. None of these dogs were right. They would have made per...
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Signs of Summer

posted on
Summer is finally here, but what happened to Spring?
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The week of June 1-7 is National Business Etiquette Week and it’s a perfect time to think about opportunities to improve business etiquette. Here are some tips to make sure you won't end up in a Miss Manners Column The word "etiquette" gets a bad rap. For one thing, it sounds stodgy, old-fashioned and pretentious but courtesy and manners are always essential, particularly in business and are a key to business success.
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10th Anniversary Legislative Day

posted on
Wow, our 10th Anniversary Legislative Day was so great! We had record attendance and record sponsorship’s contributed. I think everyone had a wonderful time and the weather even cooperated. Since this is the 10th year we have done this, the folks in Washington now know who we are and when they see our big green AAHAM stickers, they are ready for us. Check out the Legislative Day articles and photos in the spring Journal. We really hope you can join us next year, remember, there is strength...
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April is Volunteer Month

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AAHAM Loves Our Volunteers
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I'm a huge TV and movie fan
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  Telephone etiquette is so important in today’s businessworld.  Even though so much business isconducted via the internet, we all still use telephones at our places of work.  Have you ever been telephone mystery shopped and had anopportunity to hear how your telephone at your office or organization isanswered?  It’s very enlightening andbeneficial.  I suggest periodically callingin and hear what others may be hearing when they call.What you may find...
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Signs of Spring

posted on
It seems spring may be late this year but I keep looking for signs!
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Holding on to Comfortable Things

posted on
                                                   There are just some things you want to hold on to for a variety of reasons.  I’m coming to grips with technology versus some things you simply don’t want to let go.Land line telephon...
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It is hard to believe this year is the 10th anniversary of AAHAM’s Legislative Day, which we will celebrate April 23-24 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.
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