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Holiday Sentiments

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 Now as we get ready for the holidays and gear up for the “shop till you drop” and “party like its 1999” season, I think it’s important to take a moment to remember what this time of the year is really about, the gifts you already have and the gifts you can share.Our AAHAM members give very generously of their time and this is a tremendous gift. This seems to instill a tremendous sense of joy, purpose and perspective. I am very grateful for what our AAHAM membe...
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I keep a daily "gratitude journal".  Every night before I go to sleep, I write down 3 things I'm grateful for...and I have so much to be grateful for.  Some are little things, like a good cup of coffee or finding a great pair of jeans that fit.  Some are more in the moment like a beautiful fall day, a peaceful walk with my dogs, a good night's sleep.  Some are more profound like gratitude that my 86 year old mom is healthy, having a career I love, caring friends.   In Me...
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What shouldn’t I miss during my down time while I’m in San Diego? Definitely the zoo and SeaWorld and my favorite, the Wild Animal Park, where the animals run free.  Visit Balboa Park and consider renting a bike in Pacific Beach and touring the loop around Mission Beach and Mission Bay.   Don’t miss the cute shops and fun restaurants at nearby Seaport Village.  Take the ferry to Coronado Island and have a drink at the famous Hotel Del Coronado.  Th...
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Networking Tips at the ANI

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With our upcoming ANI in San Diego next month it’s a good time to dust off your networking skills which will maximize your ANI experience and benefit you and your company.
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Buzzwords and Phrases I Love to Hate

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I get sort of tired about the buzz words and phrases people use a lot. Some change with the trends but here are some of the most frequent culprits:It is what it isTo your pointLet’s circle backDon’t take this personallyNo problemIt’s all goodThink outside the boxPut a pin in itHelicopter viewEnd user perspectiveHammer it outWin-win situationKeep in the loopPick low hanging fruitParadigm shiftGround swellBallparkLeverageSynergyPut it to bedAnd my absolute favorite I love to hate...
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With our upcoming ANI in San Diego this year, I thought you may enjoy some interesting trivia and lesser known facts about the city where we are meeting. Also, if you are staying an extra day or two, some of these may be worth exploring.  Did you know that President Ronald Reagan was the first person to drive over the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in 1969? This is the two mile long bridge locals call “Coronado Bridge” but the official name is San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge. It c...
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                                                                        I recently read an article about how we can plan our business day to bett...
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New Dog Teaches About Life

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I am a firm believer in adopting rescue dogs and for those who know me; know my house has always been a dog haven or heaven.Recently I adopted a new dog to add to our pack and I think there are some valuable life lessons that I wanted to share.You know it is right when it’s right. I’ve been looking for a new dog for several years. I’ve been to visit the rescue groups, the humane society, and even considered buying a puppy. None of these dogs were right. They would have made per...
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Signs of Summer

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Summer is finally here, but what happened to Spring?
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The week of June 1-7 is National Business Etiquette Week and it’s a perfect time to think about opportunities to improve business etiquette. Here are some tips to make sure you won't end up in a Miss Manners Column The word "etiquette" gets a bad rap. For one thing, it sounds stodgy, old-fashioned and pretentious but courtesy and manners are always essential, particularly in business and are a key to business success.
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