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Being There

posted on
I am amazed at how many people are holding up cell phones and taking pictures, all the time, everywhere! Everyone is so busy taking pictures, they are missing the moment.  I just got back from a conference in Portland, Oregon and was lucky enough to experience their popular “Starlight Parade.” Folks were so preoccupied taking pictures with their phones; they missed the clowns, baton twirlers and floats. I wish folks could slow down, put away the phone and just savor the sights a...
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Happy Memorial Day

posted on
In the midst of bar-b-ques, family & friends, please take a few minutes and remember the true meaning of Memorial Day, our veterans, who have fought and died for our country as well as those that defend us. We appreciate your sacrifice and your service!
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posted on
It occurred to me the other day that many professional and trade associations lose members as there is a natural attrition of members but associations continue to successfully endure and grow.  My dad’s Rotary chapter that he loved so much and gave tirelessly has become nearly is extinct. The chapter’s members aged and few new members could be recruited. The old guard stuck to their ways and were not adapting to the boomers and x’ers generations. The same fundraisers were ...
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Spring is in the Air

posted on
This year’s Legislative Day was the best ever; we had 96 attendees and over $13,500 in generous sponsorships, may from our own chapters! And while I had predicted the cherry blossoms would be at their peak; they failed to cooperate this year. It was just too chilly for them to bloom when we were in DC. Cherry blossom bloom sighting were reported daily as our members trekked back from the Capitol from their meetings but their grandeur was missed and saved for other spring visitors. Of cours...
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posted on
One of the benefits of membership of AAHAM is attending Legislative Day and its just days away now! Because of the extra cool temps we’ve had lately, the cherry blossoms will be in peak bloom, right when you are here. How lucky we are! For more information, visit I have to admit, despite planning and attending every Legislative Day; I find going to Washington, DC and being part of this event so incredibly exciting and rewarding.For a newbie, Legislative...
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posted on
Being in Washington, DC and having the opportunity to meet with members of Congress and their aides is a lasting memory and really vital to AAHAM.While you are planning for you trip; I wanted to offer you some interesting trivia about Washington:We’ll be there during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the cherry blossom’s peak bloom date could be when you are here. Peak bloom date is defined as the day which 70 percent of the blossoms on the Yoshino cherry trees surrounding the...
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Let the Good Times Roll at the ANI

posted on
We've recently returned from the Board meeting in New Orleans and while our days were filled with strategic meetings; the Crescent City's atmosphere made everyone excited anticipating the ANI in October. First, The Sheraton Hotel where we will be based is a great hotel venue for a meeting. Its central location right on Canal Street puts the French Quarter in easy walking distance. As a side note, the Baltimore Ravens were staying across the street at the Marriott when they played in the Super bo...
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The Value of Volunteering

posted on
A few weeks ago at our recent board of director’s meeting, our Legal Counsel, George Colman was talking about how he has volunteered for many organizations during his (long) career and why he continues to do so. Contributing and giving back was a big theme in our discussion. Lack of time has always been a challenge in volunteering and I’m always amazed and humbled by how hard our officers, committee chairs and board members work and the time they take away from their family and their...
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Inauguration Time in D.C.

posted on
This is the time of the year when Washington D.C. gets abuzz with all the hoopla around the public swearing in on Jan. 21 when Barack Obama takes the oath of office.  During the inauguration, the biggest hurdle everyone faces is the weather for the inaugural parade. Historically, the average high around that time is a chilly 43 degrees. We’re used to it but for people coming to Washington; they are advised to bundle up. This year it is expected to be in the low 30s but with a wicked w...
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posted on
Ok, everybody talks about New Year’s resolutions. I’m certainly not the exception. Mine are eating healthy, going to a play or museum more often and organizing my garage (no small task). New Year’s seems to goes hand in hand with an opportunity for assessing last year and thinking about a new year.As the AAHAM executive director I can’t pass up the opportunity to think about a few resolutions to offer our members. Maybe you can add to this list.• Regularly attend you...
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