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Tips for Healthy Aging

posted on
 The month of September has been designated as “Healthy Aging Month” and regardless of your age; many of these tips are worthwhile reminders. Here are some tips offered by Healthy Aging Magazine®:Think positive about your age. Picture yourself at the age you thought was your best and visualize yourself at this age. Positive visualization will help you feel better about yourself.Be positive in conversations and actions. When you catch yourself complaining, change the conversa...
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Signs of fall

posted on
 It seems that children are returning to school earlier and earlier. Seeing the yellow school buses in the neighborhood and the extra traffic, reminds me that fall is just around the corner. Our summer weather will (gratefully) soon be replaced with cool, crisp days and earlier sunset. The leaves will be turning glorious shades of red, orange and yellow and Halloween decorations will quickly fill the shelves replacing the back-to-school displays. Crisp apples and homemade cider will be at t...
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 This time of year is often referred to as the “dog days of summer” and for good reason. It seems that no matter where you live in the country, these summer days are so hot even dogs don’t want to go outside.Many people have used this expression and think it literally is about dogs, but the phrase actually has nothing to do with dogs or even summer. Instead, it refers to the Dog Star Sirius and its position in the heavens.   To the Greeks and Romans, the “d...
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posted on
Tips for Successful First Impressions First impressions are so important. Not only are we making them about others; it’s vice versa as people make first impressions about us too.In a new book, “Presence”, Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business school professor, says people answer two questions when they first meet you.Can I trust this person?Can I respect this person?Ideally, you want to be perceived as having what psychologists refer to as warmth and competence dimensions. Most pe...
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posted on
For all of our AAHAM fathers, I want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!It’s important to recognize the contributions fathers make and Father’s Day helps acknowledge the contribution of fathers to their individual families and to societies at large.Observing Father’s Day provides children an opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers and strengthen the father-child relationships. While children often take the love of their parents for granted, the special tra...
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May is Older Americans Month

posted on
 Each May, older adults (not sure what an older adult is though, lol) across the country are honored for their contributions to our nation during “Older Americans Month.” This year’s theme is “Blaze a Trail”, emphasizing the ways older adults are reinventing themselves through new passions, engaging their communities, and blazing a trail of positive impact on the lives of people of all ages.You’re never too old to be a trailblazer and help enrich others p...
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“Someone Else Will Do It” Syndrome

posted on
  The “Someone Else Will Do it” (SEWDI) syndrome seems to be all around us. A perfect example is at the parking lots of the local supermarket or Walmart. People seem content to leave their carts scattered throughout a parking lot without returning them to the designated return areas. Granted, there are people assigned to periodically collect the carts, but people simply rely on someone else rather than take the few extra minutes to put them where they belong.  Every da...
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Test Your Washington DC Trivia Skills

posted on
When AAHAM goes to Washington DC in a few weeks for Legislative Day, Congress will be in session. This could make for some interesting sightings when our members head to the hill. Keep your eyes open and your cell phones ready for celebrities who often come to Congress to testify on behalf of their causes.Here is some interesting trivia to ponder during your visit:There was another Underwood in Congress before House of Cards’ Frank Underwood. The first officially designated Democratic floo...
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Capitol Hill Trivia

posted on
  Our annual Legislative Day is just around the corner April 25-26 and although the Cherry Blossom Festival will have ended, there will still be many be flowers in bloom on the trees at the Tidal Basin. The Capitol’s dome is still being restored and under scaffolding as it was when we were here last spring. Here is some interesting trivia about our capitol dome that I hope you will find interesting.The first U.S. Capitol’s dome was finished in 1824. It was designed by Charl...
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