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The Power of Communication

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I was reading an article about the power of communication that I think offered some excellent tips that I wanted to pass along. These tips are valuable in our workplaces and our personal lives. 

Our successes depend on communicating effectively. The internationally known business consultant, Ferdinand Fournies, emphasizes friendliness in building relationships in a business environment but these are applicable in other situations as well.

  • Friendliness means doing the little things you may think of as politeness and respect. For example, saying please and thank you. Friendliness doesn’t mean lending someone money or being their best friend.
  • Looking at people’s faces when they are speaking and showing a pleasant face.
  • Greeting people with a good morning or good afternoon before talking about work.
  • Apologizing when late or having to interrupt a meeting or conversation.
  • Controlling emotional outbursts. No one has the right to speak loudly or abuse other employees.
  • Not making sarcastic comments.
  • Showing interest or getting to know people on personal level.

These simple communication strategies can help in building respectful relationships in a workplace. It’s a basic as the Golden Rule we learned long ago. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” is an effective communications strategy that never goes out of style.


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