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Being There

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I am amazed at how many people are holding up cell phones and taking pictures, all the time, everywhere! Everyone is so busy taking pictures, they are missing the moment.


I just got back from a conference in Portland, Oregon and was lucky enough to experience their popular “Starlight Parade.” Folks were so preoccupied taking pictures with their phones; they missed the clowns, baton twirlers and floats. I wish folks could slow down, put away the phone and just savor the sights and sounds of the experience. It seems like everyone wants to record moments of life, from dining in a restaurant and photographing a plate of food to a sporting event on TV; people have their little phones out and are snapping pictures. They never took pictures before and now they are photographers.


Now I understand these make great for Facebook posts and YouTube videos, but really! I don’t think people really are emailing their friends and families all of these recorded moments in time. I think they’re stuck in their phone photo libraries and just like photo albums, rarely looked at. And I don’t think all of these videos will go viral either!


It used to be before someone started a meeting, speech or performance; it was a common practice to be told to silence our phones. This isn’t as much of a problem anymore; but holding up a phone and taking photographs, needs to stop too. I just think we need to slow down and learn to savor the moment.


So many people are simply so busy photographing their experiences; they are missing the occasion. The food is getting cold; the performer is performing; the pictures in the museum are being enjoyed. Memories are for the entire experience and sometimes you don’t need a photograph to remind you of the memories.


My advice is to put down those phones, take a mental photo and enjoy the experience!
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