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The Dog Days of Summer Are Perfect for PAM Week Planning

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The Dog Days of Summer Are Perfect for PAM Week Planning

These certainly are the dog days of summer. It’s been so hot that even my dogs sometimes don’t want to venture for their evening walk. Bear, my big guy just hunkers down and won’t budge when I get the leashes out and Crosby comes along to keep me and KD company, but then lays down in the shade every chance he gets!    

But amid these long days hot of summer, we are busy planning for our upcoming ANI and National Patient Account Management Week (PAM Week). This year’s PAM Week theme is “You Make a World of Difference,” and is celebrated the entire week of October 18-23.

PAM week is an opportunity to spread the word throughout hospitals, physician offices, your community and to all others involved with patient financial services. We bring attention to the special people involved in our complex field. Managers can honor the individuals on their staffs and the public can become more aware of this profession. Each of us can recognize our colleagues and ourselves. We have some really cool, affordable new items available for purchase on our website.

PAM Week has an interesting history. It was established in 1989 when AAHAM (then AGPAM) decided it was necessary for everyone involved in healthcare administrative management be given an official time for recognizing the people in the field. The official day is October 18th but has been celebrated during the week encompassing October 18th. The official plaque hangs in the AAHAM National Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.


Since fall will be here before you know it; summer is a good time to start planning how your team can celebrate PAM Week. By supporting PAM Week, you are showing your PFS team that you appreciate their hard work. A recognition program implemented during this special week is an excellent way of enhancing guest relations, increasing hospital and office morale, and improving communications.


Now with social media, we have even more opportunities to promote PAM Week. There is also the store on the AAHAM website for new items for sale. As a starting point, here are a few suggestions to promote PAM Week:


  • Get people involved with contests such as crazy hat or ugly tie.
  • Plan a casual dress day and theme it around a specific color or country.
  • Plan a team building activity such as a scavenger hunt.  
  • Provide an article about the patient account management department for the hospital’s newsletter or doctor’s office.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper describing the special day and the jobs people provide in their facilities
  • Depending on the size of your city, contact your city and obtain a proclamation from the Mayor which will be read at the City Commission meeting and on city TV.  
  • Hang banners in the lobby and waiting room.
  • Schedule a ribbon cutting to celebrate and invite community VIPs to assist in cutting the ribbon surrounding various offices for photo opportunities.
  • Provide a flyer in the waiting area celebrating PAM Week which educates people about Patient Account Management employees.
  • Create a display in a hallway window with information about PAM Week.
  • Bring special celebratory food and edible treats such as cookies and/or cupcakes.  
  • Have a pot luck lunch with door prizes (AAHAM store offers neat items).
  • Schedule a luncheon celebration for employees.
  • Use the PAM logo for a special t-shirt or button.
  • Reach out to local colleges in your area to drop off flyers at the student lounge about PAM Week and the profession.

Please let us know your plans. We look forward to knowing how you plan to celebrate PAM week in 2015 and am eager for pictures and reading about your celebration on social media for your local chapter.  




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