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Morning Rituals

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For those of you, who know me; know that I’m not a morning person. Yet I have my rituals and over the years have developed habits that serve me the best. How you start your day may be considerably different than mine but each of us finds a way to make their day more manageable.

In a recent Success magazine there was an article about how successful people find ways to make their mornings more manageable. I want to share some of these tips with you.

  • Moment of gratitude. It’s easy to overlook the greatness in our lives once our day starts. People have a ritual that before getting out of bed, they say a grateful prayer. This helps keep you in a positive frame of mind regardless of the tough challenges of the day.
  • Dog time. I find petting my dogs first thing in the morning a terrific energizer. They’ve come to expect this morning rub and are in my face at sun up. Some people enjoy walking their dogs in the morning to set a positive tone for the day.
  • Get social. Some people find starting their day with digital productive. I find getting on the internet or Facebook in the am with my morning coffee too distracting. Yet others want to know what happened overnight and get caught up first thing.
  • Exercise. Some people start their day with a full workout and feel at their best after hitting the gym. Others get out for their morning walk or run. I prefer walking my dogs later in the day which give me the opportunity to meditate on the day then put the day behind me.
  • Morning news. For some it’s a ritual to turn on the TV before getting out of bed. They wake with Al and Matt on NBC or GMA’s Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Not me. I savor my quiet time without this distraction.

I’m interested in your morning rituals that you have found help you succeed in your day.


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