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The Amazing AAHAM Volunteers

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Whenever I return from an AAHAM board meeting; I reflect on the many inspiring people who serve as our executive committee, committee chairs and chapter presidents. Their countless hours of volunteering is simply quite remarkable. They balance their AAHAM commitment with career demands, families and their personal life. It is very rewarding to see people’s growth and their leadership skills develop as they move up the ranks. Are we born to be leaders?

Former U.S. secretary of State, Colin Powell says good leaders are made, not born. They learn from trial and error, and from experience. When something fails, a true leader learns from the experience and puts it behind him and moves forward.

Even Powell would acknowledge that some people have natural traits for leadership. They know how to inspire, have superb emotional intelligence, have high standards of personal ethics; they have the guts under pressure and are resilient in defeat. They are the ones who have a capacity for hard work and burning the midnight oil, some degree of charisma or at the very least, they know how to be charming and persuasive. They might also have a certain streak of unorthodox-like tendencies with the ability to think creatively and outside the box and the courage to make tough decisions. They show enthusiasm and many also have a sense of humor.   I see in our volunteers many of these outstanding characteristics.

AAHAM grooms its leaders. It’s very rewarding to see our member’s path of leadership. All have risen through the ranks of their local chapter. They later have become chapter presidents and then have moved on to higher leadership levels serving as an officer on the executive committee.  

We also always need to be cognizant of bringing new people into our fold through membership recruitment and member involvement at the local level. This is critical. For any organization to grow and thrive; there is an evolution in leadership.

I encourage everyone who is a member in AAHAM to do some sole searching. You are the future of our leadership.

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