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Signs of Summer

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I can tell its summer. As much as I love the change of seasons, these longer days are hard to beat. How can I tell its summer? When I come home from the office and walk the dogs, it’s still light out. We enjoy this so much and freedom from being bundled up, only capris & a t shirt, no more gloves, hats, scarves & long johns!  

My air conditioner now is on. I hold off as long as can keeping the windows open and using fans. But finally I give in and relent knowing as summer progresses, we’ll soon hit those hot and muggy days of July and August. In the winter there’s often the lament, “It’s too cold” and soon we’ll be saying, “It’s too hot.”

Finally, I can pack away the winter clothes, coats and boots. This year they got a workout even into May! My sandals and flip flops are unpacked, my toes are happy and I can finally shed those extra layers of clothes.    

My patio furniture and plants are back out on my deck and I’ve already planted some fresh herbs and flowers. I don’t have the most prolific green thumb but it certainly is fun to try and see what bounty I will have this summer. Due to our extra cold winter, I lost my mint, rosemary and lavender plants, so I will need to replace those. This year I’m trying radicchio, chives and several types of basil. I bought a beautiful pink Mandevilla plant and a purple Clematis vine. I’m good with the Mandevilla but I’ll keep my fingers crossed with the Clematis.

The fruit stands will soon be filled with wonderful homegrown fruits and vegetables and we get to savor juicy red tomatoes, sweet corn and delicious peaches. There’s nothing like coming home with a bag of fruit that really tastes like fruit!      

Summertime means people start talking and planning their summer vacations; if the kids are going to camp or where the family will head. My home seems to be on people’s "places go to" list. It’s a great place for a long weekend. My relatives and guests commute into DC for the day for the museums, monuments and other attractions or enjoy drives into the Virginia countryside. My mother makes summertime her annual trip too. She loves to cook tons of food that will be frozen away for fall and she takes over many of my morning chores (and especially the cooking) before I come downstairs for coffee. It’s these special times that I enjoy.  

I hope you have wonderful plans for the summer and enjoy these special times with family and friends.

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