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It is hard to believe this year is the 10th anniversary of AAHAM’s Legislative Day and we will celebrate April 23-24 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.


I remember when then President, Linda Sheaffer decided AAHAM needed to have a voice in Washington and Legislative Day was created.  She and the board decided it was time to invest effort and funds in this crucial membership benefit.  Linda retires from her job this year and it is tremendously satisfying for her in knowing she has left her mark on AAHAM in such a significant way. Legislative Day will endure.   


When we come together in Washington DC; it is an opportunity for our members to represent their organization-facility, state and industry.  It’s a strong grassroots effort that each year gains more support among our members. This is what government is all about. We need to be heard and Legislative Day offers us this platform. 


Since every year AAHAM’s members take a new and significant message to the Hill; there are sessions to explain AAHAM’s position and our members are well versed prior to meeting with House of Representatives and Senators as well as their staff.


We make a difference.  Our lobbyist, Paul Miller, helps in guiding our efforts and in making sure AAHAM has a strong voice in Washington.  By attending Legislative Day; not only do you contribute to the mission of AAHAM; you’ll have some incredible memories to share with your chapter.    


On a lighter note, plan to bring comfortable walking shoes to head to the “Hill,” I-phones and small cameras. You never know who you will see and rub shoulders with during your visit.  This is a popular time in Washington and we have limited space, so make your hotel reservations early, we except to sellout.   Don’t wait, register now! 




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