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Getting Involved in AAHAM, New Year’s Resolutions

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Did you know 40-45% of adults make one or more resolutions each year? Among the top resolutions is losing weight, quitting smoking and exercising more. Research shows that after the first month, 64% of people are maintaining their goal but only 46% continue past the mid-year mark. However, the research also shows it is still important to make resolutions. People who make them are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those who do not make a resolution at all.  My (unsolicited) advice is, make only 2 or 3 resolutions, make them realistic, and if you backslide…get right back on track!     


I hope getting involved in AAHAM is a resolution on your list.

We are a volunteer driven organization.  There are so many opportunities to get involved, starting with your local chapter.  A local chapter is only as strong as its members and their commitment.  People derive the greatest satisfaction when they have built friendships from the association, this takes attending meetings on a regular basis and learning the association.  It takes commitment but it’s fun, and very rewarding.  When you raise your hand to volunteer, it’s an opportunity to meet members and get to know people. AAHAM offers strong friendships that often start at the local chapter level.      

Our leadership comes from our members.  People who have been involved in their local chapters have the opportunity to rise through the ranks. They take a leap to serve on national committees and leadership. On a local level, becoming a chapter president opens the door to involvement on a national level and serving on national committees.   

I know it’s difficult to find the time.  At the end of the workday to go to another meeting, let alone chair or serve on a committee, seems overwhelming but it’s well worth the investment of time and energy. 

I also recommend the resolution to broaden your horizons by attending our annual Legislative Day in April. This will be the 10th anniversary of our grass roots political effort.  You’ll have experiences that are once-in-a-lifetime.   Coming to the national ANI in San Diego in October is also perfect for raising your involvement quotient too. 

I hope on your resolution list is personal career growth and taking advantage of AAHAM certification.  AAHAM certification is an investment in your personal growth and your professional future. For over forty years, AAHAM’s elite certification program has set the standard of excellence in patient financial services and the revenue cycle.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the healthcare revenue cycle or are a seasoned veteran; our family of AAHAM certification examinations offer you a complete career ladder.  

Beginning with the Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist, our new Certified Revenue Cycle Professional on and culminating with the Certified Revenue Cycle Executive, we have a certification that will help advance your career.

Well, with all this talk about resolutions, I’m going to go back to my own list and make sure I’m  on track!  Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2014.

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