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Ok, everybody talks about New Year’s resolutions. I’m certainly not the exception. Mine are eating healthy, going to a play or museum more often and organizing my garage (no small task). New Year’s seems to goes hand in hand with an opportunity for assessing last year and thinking about a new year.

As the AAHAM executive director I can’t pass up the opportunity to think about a few resolutions to offer our members. Maybe you can add to this list.

• Regularly attend your chapter’s meetings. AAHAM needs everyone’s support and you really reap the benefits from being a regular attendee. You get so much back when people see you. There’s education and socialization with peers; you are with people who understand your job pressures and challenges. An important benefit of membership is belonging. Make your membership count.

• Plan to attend Legislative Day April 4-5 in Washington D.C. For first timers and seasoned attendees, this is a very exciting experience. I never tire of seeing the impressive capitol dome and really learning how our government works.

• Your chapter’s newsletter may need your help. Maybe you want to shoot an event’s pictures, contribute an article or try your hand at writing or design. With so many of chapters using e-newsletter formats; it’s much easier to contribute your talents.

• Raise your hand and say yes to volunteering. There are so many things you can do to be involved. Offer to register attendees at a chapter’s meeting, take pictures, serve on a committee, plan an event or get a sponsor. You’ll find your efforts really are appreciated and you’ll get back much more than you give.

• Take advantage of the outstanding educational opportunities afforded AAHAM’s members. We’re known for having a well-regarded certification program. You may want to make this year a year for pursing continuing education. While you may not have a crystal ball on your career; having industry accreditation goes with you wherever you work. It’s what you can do for yourself.

• Plan to come to the ANI in October. We head to New Orleans and our board of directors and chairs will have some great plans in the works for our education and entertainment. Called The Big Easy, New Orleans is one of the most fascinating cities and a favorite choice for meetings and conventions.

• Be an ambassador for AAHAM and invite people to join you and invite them to your meetings. Whether it’s a department head, vendor or someone who shares an office; your chapter meetings are wonderful opportunities for building relationships and helping promote AAHAM.
These are a few resolutions that you may want to consider for your 2013 New Year’s resolution list. I wish you all the best and a healthy and happy new year.
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