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The Value of Volunteering

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A few weeks ago at our recent board of director’s meeting, our Legal Counsel, George Colman was talking about how he has volunteered for many organizations during his (long) career and why he continues to do so. Contributing and giving back was a big theme in our discussion. Lack of time has always been a challenge in volunteering and I’m always amazed and humbled by how hard our officers, committee chairs and board members work and the time they take away from their family and their paying jobs to do their AAHAM “job” and most of them volunteer with other organizations and charities too. Personally, I volunteer with the local German Shepherd rescue and our home owner’s association.


Recently I read a question in Parade magazine;

As you age, volunteering can:
a) decrease depression
b) improve your sex life
c) both of the above

The answer is (c) both of the above! It is well established that middle-aged and older people who spend time volunteering are less prone to depression but it was a pleasant surprise when University of Pittsburgh researchers found that having a “sense of higher purpose” in life, often achieved through volunteering, led women to report more enjoyable sex lives.

So there you go, maybe that’s why we have such great volunteers in AAHAM! I guess I’d better call the German Shepherd Rescue and see if they need any help at this weekend’s adoption day!
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