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New Year’s Resolutions & AAHAM

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January seems to be filled with a long list of New Year’s resolutions as we plan to make changes and reaffirm commitments to our careers, family and personal goals. Did you know that 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, yet only 8% have long-term success?

The University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Society found that despite the low number, people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those who do not. Experts recommend making achievable, quantifiable resolutions for 2016. While losing weight continues to top the list of resolutions each year, it’s much too vague. A more realistic approach would be to “lose 5 pounds in one month by exercising twice per week and drinking 1 less soda each week”. That’s way the fitness centers are filled in January and you can hardly find a vacant treadmill!  

I hope some AAHAM resolutions are on your list too. These could be attending more chapter and national meetings, raising your hand and volunteering, pursuing an AAHAM certification and showing your support to AAHAM by coming to Legislative Day. There are so many benefits of your AAHAM membership that you can use to enhance your career and personal growth.

Whatever your resolutions, here are some tips to achieving success:

  • To thine own self be true

What have you wanted to change/accomplish? Make your resolution all about what you want to do, not what you “should” do.

  • Less is more

It is far better to make 1 or 2 resolutions than trying to stick to a list of 10-15. Focus your efforts on the ones that truly matter.

  • Failing to plan is planning to fail

How will you keep your resolutions? Instead of looking at the bigger picture (i.e. becoming tech-savvy), create a series of smaller steps to reach it (i.e. signing up for a beginner’s class at the library).


Should you fall off the wagon, forgive yourself, get up and keep trekking along.

I’m still developing some of my resolutions for 2016. Of course exercising, eating healthy and losing 10 pounds top the list!

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