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Last week we had a great ANI in Orlando, I sure hope you were able to join us. With the ANI behind us; we are settling in and enjoying the fall season.  Usually, I blog about the changing season, crisp fall days and the smell of fall leaves but I wanted to let you know about the recent changes that have taken place in my family.

For those of you who may not know; I am a dog lover.  Not only do I support many rescue organizations; my home is haven to German Shepherds, a cat and numerous birds. Recently, we added a new German Shepherd to our pack and now have four dogs. I know, now I’m officially the weird dog lady!

 A neighbor was moving because of a job transfer and was unable to take her dog with her. Broken hearted, she wanted to find him a good home and had often seen me walking in the neighborhood with my three shepherds.  I didn't know I was a neighborhood fixture but it seems everyone knows me as the lady with three German Shepherds aka big dogs.  She asked if I would be interested in adopting her dog. 

I said it depended if my pack and my 17 year old cat would accept a new dog.  I really didn't know how they would adapt to change.

Change can be embraced or resisted. While in this case it depended on the dogs’ acceptance of a new dog; accepting change is what we do every day. I see this in so many situations.  There are those of us who tend to live in the past remembering wistfully the old days while there are others who welcome change and embrace new opportunities.  I saw in my dogs their ability to adapt to change.


The new dog brought new smells. Once they checked him out; they established their own hierarchy of place. He found the bone basket and realized that there were plenty of bones for everyone. He doesn't understand dog toys yet but there are plenty of those too. He has his own bed and found a place to sleep that doesn't crowd anyone else. He has his own dish for food in his own spot. He can rely that he'll be fed in the same place at the same time every day.  He got a new red collar with guitars on it and his own id tag.


Every night when we go for a walk, the dogs remind me about change.  As they adapt to the addition of a new dog; they continue to walk forward. They aren't stuck in place and walking in circles. They keep one foot (or paw) in front of the other.  Change means walking forward.  It's essential to grow, learn, explore, adapt and accept change and carry on. The fall season is a reminder of nature's transition to change. We are able to look forward to the future and think about what the coming seasons hold for each of us. 


Our success is how we adapt to change. And changes can be grand to much smaller. Yet for each of us, our change illustrates our ability for flexibility and forward movement.


Just as my dogs welcomed the new addition and the change to their pack; so should we adapt and keep one foot in front of the other going forward.

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