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Can You Believe It??

posted on

It is ANI time!  Doesn’t seem very long ago at all that we were all together in New Orleans, celebrating Achieving Excellence in Your Revenue Cycle and All that Jazz…and in just a week we will be Sailing Into Revenue Cycle Success in gorgeous San Diego, California.


The ANI’s are so special to me.  It is such a joy to reconnect with our members and corporate partners, most of whom I am proud to call friends.  I look forward to it all year, and suddenly it is upon us!  The weather this time of year in San Diego is picture perfect.  Our education committee worked tirelessly this year putting together some outstanding educational opportunities.  We are so fortunate to be able to attract the caliber of speakers that we have.  I always come away from these sessions with at least one great idea to try back in my shop at home.


A huge shout out to all of the hard working committees, our fantastic national office staff and the rest of your executive officer team.   All of their hard work is going to be so evident at the ANI.  I cannot wait to see you all there.  Safe travels as you sail on in.

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