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Longevity? How Old Am I?!?!

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I had the honor over the weekend of being recognized for my twenty five years of service at my health system.  It was a great night, and a bit thought provoking at the same time.


Longevity in this industry can be tough sometimes.  I have been extremely fortunate to have had some great mentors, and I work for a health system that values hard work and commitment.  My boss (shameless plug – Neal Sword) has been here almost forty years…so I have a few to go to beat his record.  He has inspired me over and over to keep giving it my best, no matter how difficult it seems some days (and some weeks, months, and years :)


I decided to look up the definition of longevity in my handy, dandy Webster’s dictionary.  It was very succinct – great length of life.  Just doesn’t seem to say enough about a lot of years committed to something…so I looked at the word above – long.  It is defined as drawn out in a line, drawn out in time, tedious, protracted; late, containing much verbal matter.  There are definitely days that I would use that definition to describe the business of healthcare!


That being said, I cannot imagine another career for me.  I have learned so much over the years, met some amazing people, heard some miraculous stories, wondered if the crazy stories you hear out of the ER could really be true, and a lot of days felt I made a difference in someone’s life, even if it was just for approving a lower than policy payment arrangement. 


While I was thinking about my years here at Lee Memorial Health System, I also got to thinking about my years with AAHAM.  What an amazing organization!  So many opportunities to learn and grow, so many chances to meet some amazing people.  Because of my association with this national organization, I have been able to network with people all over the United States and beyond.  It is so comforting to pick up the telephone and call a colleague in Illinois, or Virginia or California to find out that they are experiencing the same issues I am, and what their solutions are.  That is invaluable.  Life long friendships, great industry contacts, amazing advocacy and world famous certification programs….what more could you ask for?


So – my wish is for many more years at my employer of choice and for many, many more years of membership in the finest healthcare administrative management organization in the world.  My wish for you is happiness at work, home and play.


Finally, I like to always remind everyone to give back.  We are so fortunate, remember those that are not as fortunate. 

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