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Making The Most Out of Test Time

posted on
This blog was written by Kristina Donahue, CRCE-I; CRCS-I, Executive Chair of Maryland State AAHAM and the Executive Chair for the National AAHAM Organization.*****************************************************So you are sitting there getting ready to take your exam.  The day has finally come, and all of your studying has led up to this point!   Whether you are sitting for anything from the CRCS all the way to the CRCE, there is a time limit that can panic even the most prepared...
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Certification Excitement Coming in 2017

posted on
This blog was written by Brenda Chambers, Chair of the National AAHAM Professional Certification Member.  Brenda is a member of the Virginia State AAHAM chapter.************************Well 2017 is now here and the Certification Team at AAHAM is ready to begin a new and exciting year in certification. There has been one committee member change this year as many chapters held their new elections this year. The new committee and chairs for 2017 are as follows: Executive Certificatio...
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Keep Abreast ....

posted on
This month's blog was written by Maya Mohan, CRCE-I.  Maya is the President of the Chennai Chapter in India and service on the Professional Certification Committee with National AAHAM.********************************************************I am a proud holder of erstwhile CPAM, now CRCE-I. I was on top of the world when I passed the 8 hour paper exam way back in 2006. It seemed like a great achievement and it is… However with the rapid changes that happen frequently in Healthcare ind...
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Certification CEU's

posted on
This certification blog was written by Heather Bode, President of the AAHAM Rushmore Chapter.  Heather currently serves as a committee member on the Certificaion Specialists Team. ******************************Did you know that if you were a National AAHAM member and you met all of the CEU requirements for the certification exam, you would not have to take the CRCS exam every three years?During the National Report at the ANI this year, it was shared with the membership that there are c...
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Do It For Yourself!

posted on
This article was written by Brenda Fraas, President of the Three Rivers Chapter in Pennsylvania.  Brenda currently serves on the Executive Certification Committee.*******************I love to hear about organizations that totally support AAHAM certification.  Encouraging staff to get certified, providing time for study sessions, reimbursing for expenses for the exam and the study guides and adding certification as a requirement to job descriptions are all wonderful words to my ear...
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Rosie's Rainbow

posted on
This blog was written by Colleen Wentz, CRCS-I, CRCP,I,P, CRIP, CCT.  Colleen is a member of the Inland Empire AAHAM Chapter and current serves as CRCS Certification Committee Member.************************You might have seen Rosie Hartmann at the ANI with her rainbow of colors representing every certification AAHAM has to offer.  Rosie has great pride in her hard work and the determination it took to accomplish her goal to achieve every certification.  Coming from a generat...
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This blog was written by Diana Smith, Certification Chair for the Twin States Chapter.*************************The AAHAM Twin States Chapter was formed in March of 2014. Previous to that, I was a member of the Pine Tree Chapter in Maine. I became CPAT certified many years ago and have been able to maintain my certification, which is now CRCS-I, by obtaining CEU’s since then.  Last year I was asked to join the Board of Directors for AAHAM Twin States Chapter as the Certification Chair....
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Concerns from an AAHAM Grader

posted on
This blog was written by Kristina Donahue.  Kristina is the National Certification Chair for the CRCE exams and Past President of the Maryland AAHAM Chapter.************************************It was not until I began grading CRCE exams that I truly realized what my mentors meant when they said to make sure you are clear with the quantitative and short answer questions!   As you gear up to take your exam, test takers should consider not only the content of their answers but also t...
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Raise the Level - CERTIFY UP!

posted on
This certification blog was written by Bill Majors. President of the AAHAM Keystone Chapter.*******Can the CRCS Certification get you a raise or a promotion? At Wellspan Health, certification and promotion go hand in hand (along with another fancy numeral at the end of your title and a monetary increase). Who doesn’t want that? Currently all entry level billers are given the title of Patient Administrative Services Specialist I. But what if the biller wants to take the next step and m...
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Certification Success - Celebrating You!

posted on
This article was written by Sandy Peffer from the CRCS Certification Committee.----------------------------So – You Passed your AAHAM Certification Exam ~~ CONGRATULATIONS.You are probably asking yourself – What do I do now to keep my Certification active, cuz I busted my hump to pass that test!!! Well – first – Celebrate you!! You deserve to pat yourself on the back, and do something special to commemorate your accomplishment. After you have celebrated – ...
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