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This article was written by Rick Rogers and Erin Selin from the AAHAM CRCE Certification Committee: The preparation for the CRCE exams can be an overwhelming process. The following is intended to assist you in making the most out of the time you have dedicated to prepare.First and foremost it is important to Have a Plan!Purchase the Study MaterialsEnsure you have a copy of the CRCE Study Manual. The manuals are available for purchase online at under Certification -> CRCE. A...
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Certification Savvy in Healthcare

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Written by:   Brenda Chambers, Professional Certification ChairHave you ever heard the expression that someone has so many credentials after their name, that they use the entire alphabet of letters?   I have heard that and have seen many individuals displaying those credentials proudly.     Why do you think that they do that? There are many reasons. Some individuals do that to show that they are knowledgeable in the field of healthcare.   Some in...
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Why I Got Certified

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This blog was written by Kristina Mori, President of the Maryland AAHAM ChapterEarly on, I knew my director really understood the value of education.  Within six months of employment at Calvert Memorial Hospital, I found myself sitting for what is now a CRCS certification.   I was so excited to put my new designation behind my name.   My initiative to become certified was noticed by my employer, and I was promoted from Senior Collector to Lead shortly after.   ...
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This blog was written by Sandy Peffer, President of the Western Reserve Chapter:People ask me this question a lot – “So why is having a certification in revenue cycle something you need?”Well – The answer is simple. PRIDE. Anyone who has passed that certification exam has that undeniable feeling of 100% accomplishment.   You studied hard (many times while working full time) and you set expectations of yourself. Most people who take one of the AAHAM Certification...
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This blog was written by David Nicholas, CRCE - I, of the Professional Certification Committee The Virginia AAHAM chapter received a boost in 2015 to assist with the certification program for the chapter.  A deed that will benefit the VA chapter members greatly!The chapter received an anonymous donation in the amount of $1,200.00 in March, with a request that the funds be used specifically for Virginia AAHAM National member’s certification exam registration fees only.  These...
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CRCE Essay Writing Tips

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 You will find a number of essay questions while taking the CRCE-I and P exams.  Contrary to how it might appear, it is not the question that is the essay, but rather the response you provide.  This is just a small point for clarity and a little humor, very little humor. Essay questions carry a lot of weight on the Executive Exams. When crafting a response to any essay question, keep in mind that a grader has to read the response and assigning a score to it.  Our graders...
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Written by Maya Mohan - AAHAM President of the Chennai Chapter in India
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Have you ever stopped at a four way intersection? If you answered yes, then you know that you have three options that you can take. You can turn right, you can go straight ahead, or you can turn left. Now imagine for a moment that at each of these intersections are turns that you can take to advance and further your career in healthcare. Thanks to AAHAM, you can turn right and become technically certified, you can chose to go straight ahead and become professionally certified or you can turn lef...
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Heading into my 9th year as Certification Chair for National AAHAM, I am reminded how blessed I am for being asked to serve in this position. Is it hard? Absolutely it is. The reason is because the certification chairs work there very best to provide the healthcare community with a certification product to be proud of it. As much as I would like to take all the credit for the certification programs and its success, the truth is I cannot. Myself and the other certification chairs, Erin Selin and ...
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One of the best ways to prove your knowledge in today’s healthcare industry is by becoming certified in healthcare revenue and integrity.   To assist with all of your certification needs, AAHAM has developed numerous certifications that aid all levels of associates in the healthcare field.  The various levels are composed of the CRCE – Certified Revenue Cycle Executive, the CRCP – Certified Revenue Cycle Professional, the CRCS - Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist...
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