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Raise the Level - CERTIFY UP!

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This certification blog was written by Bill Majors. President of the AAHAM Keystone Chapter.*******Can the CRCS Certification get you a raise or a promotion? At Wellspan Health, certification and promotion go hand in hand (along with another fancy numeral at the end of your title and a monetary increase). Who doesn’t want that? Currently all entry level billers are given the title of Patient Administrative Services Specialist I. But what if the biller wants to take the next step and m...
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Certification Success - Celebrating You!

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This article was written by Sandy Peffer from the CRCS Certification Committee.----------------------------So – You Passed your AAHAM Certification Exam ~~ CONGRATULATIONS.You are probably asking yourself – What do I do now to keep my Certification active, cuz I busted my hump to pass that test!!! Well – first – Celebrate you!! You deserve to pat yourself on the back, and do something special to commemorate your accomplishment. After you have celebrated – ...
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You Are More Than Half Way There!

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This certification blog was written by Steven Honeywell.  Steven is a member of the CRCE Certification Committee. That’s right! If you are already a Certified Revenue Cycle Executive for either Institutional or Professional billing, you are more than half way toward becoming a member of an Elite group.  –“ Dual Certified”.You put a lot of work into studying and passing your CRCE exam. BUT, if you really want to establish yourself at an elite level, why not ...
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This blog was written by Jane Vizvarie, the AAHAM President for the Twin State Chapter. Many years ago we hired a consultant to come in and review our management structure and A/R processes. The firm left us with some great recommendations, one of which was to build career ladders in the billing area. I began looking at different certifications that we could use to build stepping stones in the Revenue Cycle. AAHAM was the only place that had the type of certifications that made sense for a ...
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This blog was written by Doris Dickey, the National AAHAM CRCS Certification Chair and member of the Illinois AAHAM Chapter. You know you want to make an investment in your career by obtaining an AAHAM certification, but which one? You can’t decide where to start?First, think about where you are and where you want to go in the business of healthcare revenue cycle.Are you an individual who always wanted to work in healthcare, but have no experience? Or you’ve been working in the ...
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How I Prepared for my CRCE Exam

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This certification blog was written by David Nicholas, CRCE.  David presently serves on the Executive Certification Committee and is a member of the Virginia State AAHAM Chapter. Over these past several years since my sitting for and passing the formerly known as CPAM exam, now called the CRCE exam, I have had the opportunity to grade many exams of others around the country who are also interested in becoming certified. I have been saddened to see the low pass rate, and had a feel...
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Well 2016, has arrived and with that comes some changes within the Certification Chairs and Committee Members.   I want to reiterate that just because the members may change every few years as new Chapter Presidents are rotated in, it does not mean that AAHAM is not hard at work all year long.   We have to be in order to ensure that as an organization, AAHAM is providing you the best in healthcare certifications. The new committee and chairs for 2016 are as follows:...
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This article was written by Heather Bode, Certification Committee member from the Rushmore AAHAM Chapter: Becoming certified with one of AAHAM’s growing certification options is not only something you can obtain to personally grow as a marketable employee but something that your facility may choose to require you to participate in to ensure security and compliance with federal regulations.  AAHAM offers certifications to all levels of employees in the PFS industry; compliance, fr...
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This blog was written by Doris Dickey, Certification Specialist Chair for AAHAM: The question asked by most front line staff is “Is it worth putting in all of the work to become certified?” The answer is an absolute yes! The National AAHAM certification career ladder has become well known and trusted in our industry. Certification will assist you in showing your expertise and knowledge when you apply for various job openings in healthcare registration, billing and collectio...
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Certification Intimidation

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This blog was written by Kaaren Corallo, President of the New Jersey Chapter of AAHAM and a National Member of the Professional Certification Committee. As we approach the end of the year, I am also approaching the end of my 2nd and final term as president of the New Jersey chapter of AAHAM. During my four years as president I have served as a member of one of two National Certification Committees.   When I first learned that as President, serving on a national committee was part ...
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