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Archive by author: Brenda ChambersReturn

An Executive Challenge

posted on
This blog was written by Alexander Small, CRCP-P and Steven F. Honeywell, CRCE-P, President of the Philadelphia AAHAM Chapter. *****************************As members of the healthcare industry, we find ourselves quite frequently combatting professional challenges regarding legislation, patient disparities, technological trends and insurance negotiations. Yet, less frequently do we have the chance to challenge ourselves on a more personal level. This is where the CRCE exam comes into play. This ...
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CCT Certification, What's it all about?

posted on
This Certification Blog was written by Doris Dickey, CRCE from the Illinois Chapter of AAHAM.  Doris currently serves on the Illinois Board and is the national AAHAM Certification Chari for the CRCS and CCT.*****************************************************************************While the CCT credentials may not necessarily be a stepping stone layered within the other levels of AAHAM’s certification, it is an important part of our testing opportunities.  The CCT exam has been...
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This blog was written by Marcy Marquis, CRCP -P.  Marcy is the President of the AAHAM Wisconsin Chapter and currently services on the Professional AAHAM Committee for National AAHAM organization.********************************************************************************************************Congratulations you passed your AAHAM Certification Exam.  Now what?  How do you earn CEU’s.  The last thing you want to do is retake the exam.AAAHAM understands everyone...
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Acknowledging Certified Members

posted on
This blog was written by Bill Major, CRCE-I from the AAHAM Keystone Chapter.  Bill is also a CRCP Committee Member.***************************************************************Passing your AAHAM certification is not an easy process and definitely deserves accolades.  The Keystone chapter has always been proud of our certified members and takes every opportunity to acknowledge this accomplishment.   One of the simplest ways we show pride in certification is by issuing certif...
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Certification Benefits

posted on
This blog was written by Colleen Wentz,, CRCS-I, CCT, CRCP-I,P, CRIP of the AAHAM Washington Inland Empire Chapter who currently serves as the Chapter President and is a member of the Specialist Committee for National AAHAM.*****************************************************************Certification benefits more than just the Business Office and Patient Access.  At Virginia Mason Memorial we have staff that is certified throughout our family of services that includes ...
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Finding Time for YOU

posted on
This month's blog was written by Sandy Peffer, CRCS-I.  Sandy is the President of the AAHAM Ohio Chapter and currently serves as a member of the CRCS National AAHAM Committee.********************************************************************************************************************I don’t know about you, but every day I am either saying “I don’t have time”, or am hearing someone else saying it.It seems in this fast pace, everything was due yesterday mind...
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This month's certification blog was written by Heather Bode, CRCS-I.  Heather is President of the AAHAM Rushmore Chapter and currently is a committee member for the CRCS certification.**************************************************************************************Are you interested in earning your certification from AAHAM? Do you already have your certification and are interested in knowing if the next level is for you? Well, you are in luck! AAHAM is offering webinars for ALL certifi...
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Tips To Crack the Certification Exam

posted on
This blog was posted by Maya Mohan of the Chennai India Chapter of AAHAM.  Maya is currently the Chapter President and is a member of the Professional Certification Committee for National AAHAM.************************************DOsOnce you decide to take the exam, contact your local chapter for guidance. Training and coaching opportunities are offered by local AAHAM chapters.Purchase the Exam Study Manual and review the contents and sort the sections by order of difficulty from your view ...
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Do It For Yourself

posted on
This blog was written by Brenda Fraas, CRCE who is the President of the AAHAM Pennsylvaia Three Rivers Chapter and a member of the Executive Certification Committee***********************************************************************I wrote a blog back in September encouraging staff to do something for themselves and GET CERTIFIED.  I recommended that even if their current employer did not provide study sessions or reimbursed them for expenses, they should still do it for themselves! ...
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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

posted on
This blog was written by David Nicholas, CRCE-I.  David currently is the President of the Virginia State Chapter of AAHAM and serves as a committee member of the Executive Certification Committee.*************************************Hello to all my AAHAM friends and family. Today I wanted to ask you all a question.  Are you in your comfort zone right now?  If you answered yes, then I’d like to invite you to step out of it and enjoy how that discomfort feels.  I kno...
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