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Preparing for the CRCE - Study Tips To Help You Achieve Your Certification Goal

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This article was written by Rick Rogers and Erin Selin from the AAHAM CRCE Certification Committee:


The preparation for the CRCE exams can be an overwhelming process. The following is intended to assist you in making the most out of the time you have dedicated to prepare.

First and foremost it is important to Have a Plan!

  1. Purchase the Study Materials

    1. Ensure you have a copy of the CRCE Study Manual. The manuals are available for purchase online at under Certification -> CRCE. A study manual is the first tool you will need.

    2. Purchase a Practice Exam. The Practice exam is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your studying. The practice exam is a great tool when used in conjunction with a study plan.

  2. Make a schedule – Block time on your calendar

    1. Life gets complicated. Blocking time on your calendar puts accountability on you and keeps your schedule clear. Reading the study guide takes time, and digesting the material may require reading it multiple times.  

    2. Ensure you block time for each section. Many test takers find that they study the least on the area that they are most comfortable with. This is an easy mistake to make. Those items you think you know the best have the highest likelihood to stump you!

  3. Keep your study area quiet

    1. Study time has the best results when done in a quiet area.   Distractions such as family and work take away from the effectiveness of your study session. If there is no quiet place in the house, consider visiting a local library.

  4. Use the Study Guide

    1. Sounds simple, but take time to read through the study guide thoroughly.

    2. There are items in the guide that you may find the need to explore more thoroughlyand do your own research.   If you are researching on your own, ensure your sources are credible.

    3. Highlight / Underline / Tag key concepts in the book. Highlight or underline key concepts to refer back to. Tag or flag items you need to study further.

  5. Take Notes / Make Flash Cards

    1. Take notes from your highlights in the study manual.   Writing notes can further your absorption of the material.

    2. Make flash cards for each key concept. Find a partner to quiz you, quiz yourself, or use a software/app. Going through the concepts is important the final week before the exam. Having flashcards is an easy way to review all sections.

  6. Join a Study Group

    1. Many others are studying for this exam at the same time you are. It often helps to have a study partner.   If there are others in your chapter consider making arrangements to meet up with them after studying each section. It may also be useful to find someone who has recently taken the exam as they will have further insight on key topics.

    2. Check with your Chapter! Many Chapters offer study sessions. Study sessions can be a good way to connect with others in our industry who have successfully taken the exam.

    3. Watch for additional materials and study tools available from AAHAM National such as webinars and CDs.

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