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Certification Savvy in Healthcare

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Written by:   Brenda Chambers, Professional Certification Chair

Have you ever heard the expression that someone has so many credentials after their name, that they use the entire alphabet of letters?   I have heard that and have seen many individuals displaying those credentials proudly.     Why do you think that they do that? There are many reasons. Some individuals do that to show that they are knowledgeable in the field of healthcare.   Some individuals do that to show that they have the skill sets to take on various levels of positions. Many people get certified to help them advance further in their career, while others do it simply for the satisfaction of self-worth.  

Why do I display my credentials after my name in the work force? Besides the many reasons listed above, I do it because it shows the drive and determination that I have. It shows others that I possess many different levels of knowledge in my career path.   The drive and determination I am referring to is the drive and determination to take that first step to become certified.   Certification does not come automatically as it requires a lot of studying on the subject matter.

The first step of any credentials in healthcare is simply making the decision to take the exam to become certified. AAHAM offers many exams ranging from representative to executive levels and from revenue integrity to compliance.   If you are interested about any of the AAHAM certifications, you can contact the National Certification Chairs, the National AAHAM office, any AAHAM member and you can contact your local AAHAM chapter.  

I proudly sign this:


So tell me…. What is your alphabet?

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