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Why I Got Certified

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This blog was written by Kristina Mori, President of the Maryland AAHAM Chapter

Early on, I knew my director really understood the value of education.  Within six months of employment at Calvert Memorial Hospital, I found myself sitting for what is now a CRCS certification.   I was so excited to put my new designation behind my name.   My initiative to become certified was noticed by my employer, and I was promoted from Senior Collector to Lead shortly after.   I did not stop there.   In 2007 I sat for my CRCE exam.  Pouring over study materials every day after work, and sometimes driving hours in the evenings to attend study sessions I was a nervous wreck the day of the exam.   A few months later, when I received the letter in the mail stating I passed I will never forget how proud I was.  Once again, my employer recognized my initiative and drive to sit for such a challenging test.   They were equally impressed that I passed the exam on the first attempt.  This certification paved the way for me to receive two more promotions at my facility.  I am now the Manager of the Patient Financial Services Department and my AAHAM certifications helped me get there!

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