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Why Being AAHAM Certified Is Important To Me

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This blog was written by Sandy Peffer, President of the Western Reserve Chapter:

People ask me this question a lot – “So why is having a certification in revenue cycle something you need?”

Well – The answer is simple. PRIDE. Anyone who has passed that certification exam has that undeniable feeling of 100% accomplishment.   You studied hard (many times while working full time) and you set expectations of yourself. Most people who take one of the AAHAM Certification Exams are not forced to take the exam – It is voluntary. Yes, you may be advised by your place of employment that it may be a scorecard objective, or having the certification could advance your career within your organization. But, ultimately, you make the personal sacrifice to register, study, and sit for the exam. You know that no matter where your career takes you, having this certification is a testimony that you are on top of your game. You understand the revenue cycle, and you keep current with all the ever changing healthcare updates.   You have at your fingertips, a wealth of resources that is only available to the elite who have achieved their certification through AAHAM.   AAHAM is not a regional organization, but it is internationally known. So, if you decide to move to another state, or country, your certification demonstrates you have that high level of competency that is unanimous with AAHAM.

If you have not considered becoming AAHAM Certified, ask someone you know that has his/her certification what made them initially take the exam, but more importantly, why they maintain their certification (whether through CEU’s, or taking the exam.) I can tell you, from my own experience, I need to keep my certification, for very selfish reasons. While my company does reimburse the cost of the exam, the certification does not qualify me for any additional salary or bonuses. BUT, when I speak to anyone within the healthcare arena about any portion of the revenue cycle, I know I am speaking with confidence and accuracy because AAHAM has provided me with the necessary resources to educate myself. Having that level of expertise available 24/7 is priceless. AND – knowing that the person I am talking to also recognizes AAHAM as THE leader in Hospital Revenue Cycle Management, is invaluable. We all know, in this day of every changing policy and procedures, that you can second guess yourself. AAHAM takes the guess work out of your job.


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