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The Certification Scholarship Program for 2015

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This blog was written by David Nicholas, CRCE - I, of the Professional Certification Committee


The Virginia AAHAM chapter received a boost in 2015 to assist with the certification program for the chapter.  A deed that will benefit the VA chapter members greatly!

The chapter received an anonymous donation in the amount of $1,200.00 in March, with a request that the funds be used specifically for Virginia AAHAM National member’s certification exam registration fees only.  These funds are for members who have to pay for the exam themselves and who receive no reimbursement from their employer.  The use of these funds will be controlled by the chapter president, utilizing the chapter’s financial system.

The chapter launched the campaign to our members in April and members must meet these simple criteria in order to apply and receive funds.

·         Be a member in good standing with both Virginia AAHAM and National AAHAM for 2015

·         Be someone who is not receiving reimbursement from their employer for the exam fee itself

·         Must register for and take exam of one of these programs in 2015: CRCS, CRCP, CRIP, CRCE, and CCT.  Visit to view exam schedule and register

·         Contact David Nicholas, President VA AAHAM at to apply

I’m happy to report that we have had much success with this Program to date.

The chapter will send out multiple reminders throughout the year so that we maximize this generous contribution made by our donor and depending on the success of the program, the board will consider bringing this back annually during our budget and sponsorship process. 

My proposal is this… For all of those AAHAM chapters, who are looking for a creative way to increase certification and possible membership, look for a sponsor who can assist your Chapter with this program.   The sponsorship will benefit the Chapter, its members, increase the certification totals and promote the actual Sponsor of the donation.    It is a certification sponsorship idea that is worthy of considering.




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